Genre: Slasher/Dark Comedy

Plot: OK, before we discuss the movie, there are a few things I wanna point out. The only thing that plays on the TV are a shot of a goofy loooking killer's face, and this KISS ripoff band called "Creature." Some of their music isn't TOO bad, but they aren't anything to get excited over. Second, most of the DVD boxes say it came out in 2001, but in truth, it was made (or at leasr copyrighted) in 1993, or at least that's what the credits say. Wither way, I have it in the Night Chills box set from Brentwood (it had a single release from DML though) that said 2001. The minute i saw what the picture looked like, I instantly thought more like 80's. But it could still pass for 90's. We open to see a U-Haul truck pull up, and we are introduced to Corey, an emotional wreck of a guy who's father and sister died in a car wreck thanks to stepmom. His mother must have died a long ass time ago or left his dad. We have stepmother Betty, who is a constant white trash bitch who you always want to eviscarate, and she treats Corey like shit and never gets off her lazy ass. Also, there is Biff, the stepbrother from hell, who also goes to painstaking measures to see that Corey is in constant misery. Anyway, lousy racist beer scarfing bitch stepmom shouts out in front of the whole neighborhood that she can't find her TV remote as Corey is doing all the work of unpacking for the new house. Why Corey didn't leave home or press charges many moons ago is beyond me. Anyway, Biff is hiding it in his pocket, and Corey tells stepmom it's just a stupid remote, and she gets up and punches him. Then she ties a belt around his neck, while she and stepbro throw beer cans at him and laugh. Lousy fuckers. We are now introduced to the black next door neighbors, who are always commenting about the Gorey family...Anyway, they untie him and he finishes unpacking, and goes to his room (which appears to be some sort of small storage space) for the night, looking at his Playboy centerfold, and a picture of his parents. So, the next day Corey has to go to school, and he meets Jackie, the slut of the film. Anyway, she is a bitch to him from the start, yet he likes her. So, he finds out she likes Ozzy Osbourne, and goes and buys front seat tickets for her. We are also introduced to a black girl (I think her name is Yolanda, but I am not sure) who gave the Gorey family a cake the previous day, only to have it rudely grabbed out of her hands and called the N word by the white trash bitch stepmom. She tells him that she wants to walk to school with him. We will see her a few more times in the movie, and she's always bouncing a basketball, and complaining about how Corey won't walk to school with him. We see Biff walking down the street, and there is a kid playing with a ball. So, the kid throws the ball to him, and BIff throws it in the street. And the kid goes to get it right as a car comes and hits him. What a rotten piece of shit. Anyway, he goes to get his drug dealer Sabino, who is fucking some girl. Anyway, he gets an 8ball from him and says he'll pay later, and Sabino gives him 5 days. Well, Corey thinks things are all good, but Biff raids his room and steals his ticket. This act almost made me hate the actor's guts. Anyway, he goes to find the ticket only to see that they have been stolen by Biff. So, he starts cussing, and falls asleep on Biff's bed. I would have destroyed his stuff for that shit if it happened to me. So, he comes home and wakes Corey up. He tells him thanks for the great seat at the concert, and that he fucked Jackie in a gas station toilet after the concert. Well, Corey finally gets some sense and knocks the mother fucker down the stairs. Corey goes into the bathroom to avoid Biff, but he crashes through the door and into the shower door. He is unscratched by the glass, and asks Corey to help him out of the broken glass. So, Biff reaches out, and a falling shard cuts his hand off. Anyway, Corey is about to call the police for help, but realizes his stepmom will kill him if he does. So, he finishes the job and hacks Biff up, then puts the body parts in the freezer. The music in that scene might actually be a little creepy. But who knows? Anyway, Corey ties up trashy bitch stepmom, and all goes well for a while. Except Corey has a dream where his stepmother breaks through the ropes and stabs him. Then the mail lady shows up, and barges in the door for no reason. So, she finds the parts in the freezer and chases after Corey, and he goes into the garage and hides behind a car that is lifted up on a jack. So, the stupid woman actually crawls under, and her foot hits the jack, and the car lowers down on her, crushing her. So then, Jackie shows up, wanting to know where Biff is. He tells her what happened, and Jackie tells him that Biff said he had a pound of cocaine hidden. She says if they find it, they can run away together. But the truth is, the snotty bitch is just using him to find drugs! So, they basically bust their asses to find it, but no pound is found. Throughout this time, Corey has made several attempts to form a relationship with Jackie and to have sex, all of which have been intercepted by her. So, Sabino comes back to collect the money, which is they run into trouble. He tells hiom that they have til Saturday to get his money to him, or he'll kill them, and if nobody's there, he'll burn down the house. So, they decide to have a party. Anyway, they have the party, and Sabino comes. But this is when Jackie decides to perform a total bitch move and go with some other guy. So, the neighbors start complaining abvout the noise, and (also, they put a sign up behind bitchy stepmom that says "Don't Untie me or I will Call the Cops" and "Don't Feed the Fattie" LOL Also, these girls decide to put a goofy wig on her head and put these longass fingernails on her, so that's whaqt they look like the rest of the movie. It should also be known that they forget their nail file, which is important) and the cops break it up. SO everybody, including Jackie, leave, except Sabino, who starts to kick Corey's ass and constantly says "Where's my fuckin money motherfucker?!" After a few hits, COrey says "It's in the freezer man!" So, they go down to the freezer, and Sabino shoves Corey out of the way to open the freezer. He sees Biff's chopped up body parts in there and goes "Ah, Jesus!" right as Corey grabs an axe and gives him a few whacks in the back. This homeless guy sees what happens, and runs right into the road, right the cops hit him. I immediately thought of the "sprinkle some crack on him" part of the hilarious comedy special Dave Chappelle: Killing Them Softly when I saw it. Pretty hilarious stuff. So, we cut to see Corey in his room, on his bed, banging his head against the wall while he has flashbacks of Jackie. So, he guts up a few hours later and calls Jackie, telling him he found the pound. Haha, that ryhmes. Anway, he said he found it in a coffee can. Jackie comes over. So, she steps in the kitchen, and he steps in front of her, and she once again acts like a total bitch and talks to him like he is a piece of shit. He asks for an apology and says that she owes him an explanation. She says "I don't think I OWE you ANYTHING!" Well, that's the last straw for him, and he says "Y'know, you're right. You don't owe me anything, I owe YOU something." "Corey, what are you doing?" "Getting what you deserve!" He grabs a power saw out of a cabinet and starts sawing her gut open with it, saying "I Love you!" and kissing her while he does it. Well, he jerks the cord out of the socket and starts strangling her, then she finally dies, all while the "Creature" rock video is playing. So, the neighbors call the cops, saying it sounded like someone was getting killed. Corey goes to take a shower, and while he's in, he gets a razor blade, and considers slitting his wrists. Well, the stepmom notices that nail file, and grabs it, and cuts the ropes loose, then goes to grab a machete/sword thing out of Biff's room. She tries to bust in on Corey in the shower (BTW, if you look you will notice he is wearing underwear, and the shower door is miraculously fixed now!) but he runs. Anyway, the cops get into the door and grab Corey as he runs into them. The stepmom tries to run after him, but the cops shoot her dead. Her last line is somewhat funny to me, "Bastard!" Corey goes "Thanks man! She was gonna kill me..." and then realizes he has a way out of going to jail and says "She was gonna kill me, just like all the others!" And the movie is over. And the song in the music video plays over the credits. Like I said, it isn't TOO bad.

My thoughts: As you can see, I did not give this the usual shitty rating it gets. The ONLY reason it didn;t get 5 Genes is because it strays away from the slasher formula, but the movie was so fun to watch I didn't care. For some reason, I really loved it. The score isn't too bad, as well as the photography. THere are many laughs to bef found here too. Too bad it wasn't gory. The acting is NOT bad like everybody says it is. It isn't all that professional, but for the characters these people play, this is damn good work! For instance, Betty, the stepmom: White trash bitch I conastantly want eviscarated. That was what the character was supposed to be. The actress was successful in that goal. Biff= dickhead stepbrother who goes out of his way to terrorize Corey who needs to be castrated. Once again, mission accomplished. Jackie: Snotnosed bitch slut who needs a pop in the mouth (not that I support violence against women, anyone who punches a woman just to be an asshole should die). Once again, Brenda Pope pulled this off. This doesn't mean the parts were well-written though. But who cares, this movie is great. The KISS rip-off band is successful in ripping off KISS, that drummer looks pretty much exactly like Ace (even had that cardboard thing that Ace used to wear, I believe.) The bassist looks like Gene. The lead vocalist looks like Paul. Nobody reallyt reminds me of Peter though, or Eric Carr for that matter. Oh well, see it!

Gore: No, Corey really isn't gory in his killings. The most we get is a hand chopped off for onscreen gore, and we see Biff's severed legs being out in the freezer. Also, we see a wound in Jackie's chest from where the power saw was put, but it is only onscreen for half a second. But the scene with the lowering was cool and effective for some reason. The most brutal kill, however, was the axe-in-the-back scene.

Nudity: We see the tits of the girl that Sabino is fucking for a second.

1. Kid hit by car
2. Guy has his hand chopped off, later chopped up
3. Woman crushed by lowering car
4. Guy is stabbed (dream)
5. Guy is chopped in the back several times with axe
6. Homeless guy hit by car
7. Girl has her stomach sawed with an electric buzzsaw
8. Woman shot

Rating: 4 out of 5 Genes