More like LITTLE COREY WHOREY, August 22, 2002
5 stars out of 5

Reviewer: Babette Schmells (Idaho) - See all my reviews
I should tell you right off, Corey ain't no saint! As he goes through life watching his father, Rolphe the butcher hack cows and pigs, he tends to get a knack for the obvious. Thus, while on a date one night with Rucinda, Corey desires more than just the usual lust and thrust...he uses not only his "tool", but pulls out a box of tools from the trunk of his car and bludgeons beautiful Rucinda to death. Everyone knows Corey to be the town geek and extremely passive and nerdy, so they turn their suspicions toward the local jock, Tony Zanini, and make him the main suspect of this brutal slaying. Tony is jailed and the killings continue. This movie is the typical horror/slasher flick, but in the end has a bizarre twist. WATCH and find out. You'll be pleasantly surprised and scared out of your wits in the process!