The Evolution of Introversion, February 3, 2003
4 stars out of 5

Reviewer: TastyBabySyndrome "TBS" (SiftingThroughTheTechnologicalWhileSearchingForMyself, USA) - See all my reviews
Life hasn't been the nicest mentor for poor Corey Gorey's fragile self-image. Recently, his father was killed in a car wreck and his face was scarred, giving him an ego debilitation of sorts. Worse still, he is forced to live with his stepmother, a drunk of the highest caliber and food-eaten extraordinaire, and his stepbrother Biff after this incident, finding them fountains of verbal and physical abuse him that knows no boundaries. Still, things seem to be on the upswing in a grand way as Corey finds himself hopelessly infatuated with one of his fellow classmates and with his hands on the bait to copes her into loving him; Ozzy Osbourne tickets. Yes, Corey understands that the best way into a woman's heart is by feeding her infatuations, so he buys her the best ticket he can find - right beside his own-and begins his thoughts of swooning. Before he can act on this, however, Biff manages to mangle all those carefully laid plans and Corey, reacting out of rage, births an accident of the worst type. Well, this begins a bloody landslide as person after person either finds themselves accidentally falling victim to a chain-of-events that spiral helplessly out of control or targeted by someone becoming more and more hardened to the plight of the suffering.
I found Little Corey Gorey entertaining, but it did have its flaws that a potential viewer must be warned of in advance. First, the movie isn't of the highest caliber and the DVD is also in the low-grade ballpark, so the picture is a little fuzzy and the sound is a little off. Second, the budget seems to have had its limitations and, accordingly, the actors aren't the most talented cast and the effects are cheaply suited. Third, the storyline has its faltering moments, trying to keep pace with the frantic mind of a panicky teenager, so it doesn't always flow through the clearest streams of thought. That said, however, there are some redeemable points that include a few funny points in a some dark comedy, the entertainment in watching things spiral further and further down as people get what they have coming to them, and the joy of counting how many bad things can happy to one person in a set period of time. Besides, watching the degeneration of someone who potentially wants to be good into something a bit more cold-blooded is, in many ways, fun.
If you aren't too terribly concerned with your movie having a plethora of effects, the benefits of a sub par cast, and you like to see movies set in the 1980s that have to deal with someone's bumbling to and fro, then this movie would be something to watch. It doesn't have all the fixings to be a full-course mind meal, but it doesn't provide a little bit of entertainment to melt away the dull days.