Throw Momma From The Couch..., June 9, 2004
rated 4&1/2 stars out of 5

Reviewer: Bindy Sue FrÝnkŁnschtein "bigfootsalienbaby" (under the rubble) - See all my reviews
Poor little Corey Gorey! He's just moved into a new house in a new neighborhood after losing his dad in an auto accident. If that's not bad enough, his stepmother and stepbrother (Biff!) are the sadistic torturers of his life! They routinely humiliate, hit, kick, bludgeon, bind, hang, and generally terrorize him. Corey is their slave and scapegoat. Mom lays on the couch all day, guzzling beer and barking obscenities at Corey. Biff rides his motorcycle around town, looking for dope. And Corey does everything else (cooking, cleaning, etc.). One day, he meets a girl at school named Jackie, who couldn't care less about him. Of course, Corey is hopelessly infatuated with her and MUST have her. Well, he gets tickets to an OZZY OSBOURNE concert for Jackie and plans on taking her. Unfortunately, stepbrother Biff steals said tickets and goes instead of Corey. Enraged, Corey attacks Biff, ending up in the bathroom, where Biff goes through the sliding-glass shower door! Unhurt, Biff reaches out for Corey, just as a piece of glass falls and cuts Biff's hand off! Gotta love these wacky siblings! Corey goes ahead and finishes the job, then loads Biff's pieces into the garage freezer. Next, Corey ties hellmom to the couch and begins starving her. Jackie happens by, looking for Biff, only to join with Corey in a search for a pound of cocaine that Biff had told her about. Suddenly, there's a knock at the door! Oh no, It's the local drugdealer, and he's come for the $125 that Biff owes him! What can these crazy kids do? Why, throw a party of course! During the bash, mom is given an extreme makeover by some girls, and secretly takes a nailfile to free herself (no one unties mom due to the sign above her head saying: IF YOU UNTIE ME I'LL CALL THE COPS! no one feeds mom either, because another sign says: DO NOT FEED THE FATTY!). The drugdealer crashes the party, demands his money, and mingles. Meanwhile, Jackie has taken the procedes from the party and left with some Dave Mustaine look-alike! So, naturally, Corey kills the drugdealer guy and stuffs him in a nice cozy closet across from Biff's freezer. Ah, youth! Jackie comes back the next day and Corey attacks her with a power saw and then strangles her to death, while telling her how much he loves her. Meanwhile, mom cuts herself loose, grabs a machette, and goes after Corey. Just then the police burst in and... Try and guess what happens next! I liked this bloody little gem! There's not one redeemable character or wholesome quality in this movie. Still, it's got a sick sense of humor about it that I like. Recommended as a double feature with PIECES or CHRISTMAS EVIL...